Computing & Software status, October 17, 2017

  • Software:
    • Tracker:
      • PR default fitter changed to MINUIT in MAUS v3.0.0
      • Efficiency review on hiatus -- cut optimization, implementing MCS errors
      • Need to understand 50 MeV "peak" in pz distribution
      • Need new calibrations after waveguide swap
    • Globals:
      • Gobal reconstruction output needs review & feedback
      • Need additional virtual planes for analysis
  • MC
    • TOF issues: data-MC discrepancy of ~150ps in e+ peak, TOF2 calibration improvement. Stands.
  • G4BL
    • PF studying disagreements with data, production model -- awaiting a new version of MARS
  • Geometry:
    • Bug in LH2 geometry description -- lh2 not filling the vessel fully
    • Bug found & fixed in application of alignment corrections. Not yet in production geometries
  • Processing:
    • Global output being produced in parallel with "fast" reconstruction in MLCR
    • LH2 MC needs to be pushed on GRID
  • DAQ/Online:
    • Tracker calibration in progress.
    • Tracker veto timing not optimal - can be improved
  • Controls:
    • Alarm handler greatly improved, handful of false alarms during stable operation
  • MAUS Paper
    • Comments from KL to be incorporated
  • Personnel:
    • AD replacement for Tracker reconstruction, MAUS

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