Computing & Software status, September 5, 2017

  • Software:
    • Tracker rolling review continues, several actions worked on -- cut optimization, implementing MCS errors. Next meeting end of the week
    • Globals:
      • Speed mitigation: CR implemented geometry lookup table, speeds up by ~25%, seems to be significant overhead from MAUS outputter
      • Outputter can be sped up by avoiding data conversion; meanwhile plan is to trigger two jobs for each run in MLCR -- "fast" without globals, and a full reco with globals.
  • MC
    • TOF issues: stands. Need a follow up with SW.
    • 7469 MC shows an offset of ~150ps in e+ between data and MC
  • G4BL
    • PF studying disagreements with data, production model -- awaiting a new version of MARS
  • Geometry:
    • Neon geometry — requires minor modification to MAUS for geometry translation -- done.
    • Alignment for 2017/01 -- re-done, changes are very marginal
  • Processing:
    • Ne MC to be done
    • GRID user framework is changing [ no more WMS ]. For MC, Ray and Dimitrije have been testing a new framework. For real-data reconstruction, requires significant changes to keep GRID submission system alive. JM looking into it.
  • DAQ/Online:
    • Tracker dead channel redistribution & mapping & tracker calibration need to be done. Need to ensure we have baseline documentation of h/w to s/w mapping.
    • ISIS RF signal to MLCR needs to be verified
  • Controls:
    • AK has added LH2 PVs to the archiver.
    • Need confirmation that this is a complete set
    • In order to not disturb run control, JM has put together a standalone web service (to be run from the MLCR) to insert absorber info into run table in CDB. To be tested.
  • MAUS Paper
    • Comments from KL to be incorporated.

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