Computing & Software status

  • Software:
    • Tracker rolling review continues, several actions generated, next meeting in ~ week
    • Globals:
      • Speed mitigation: implement fast geometry lookup, benchmark, and decide if brute force processing still needed
  • MC
    • TOF issues: awaiting new calibration to see if updates improve inefficiency & offsets in TOF2
      • At meeting with S. Wilbur, offsets in TOF2 remain. Actions generated for followup.
    • G4BL
      • PF studying disagreements with data. Some issues potentially related to TOF - being studied by SW
      • New request from VB for MC with tuned dipoles +/- 1% -- being processed.
    • Geometry:
      • new geometries released -- May survey, diffuser material bug fixes
      • introducing Neon gas to geometry — pressure, temperature, density Ok-ed by J. Boehm
        • requires minor modification to MAUS for geometry translation
  • Processing:
    • All data since Sep 2016 have been processed with latest MAUS 2.9.1
    • Several new MCs processed with 2.9.1
    • Large request coming in from JG for systematics study
  • MAUS Paper
    • Preliminary draft sent to KL for comments on structure & content

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