Roles: DAQ - Someone to take the lead on DAQ activities, should be familiar with control room
Calibration - Someone familiar with the trackers

  • Pre cool down (9th August, 7 days):
    • Fix cryostat leaks
  • Cool down (Alan Bross, Craig Macwaters) 16th August, 3 days
  • Inventory dead channels (21st August) (Uchida, Overton(consult))
    *Take DAQ run (DAQ), 2 Days: (Uchida, Dobbs, Overton(consult))
    • Note: Need to verify ISIS-1RF is being sent to control room, at present it is not.
    • Ed will pursue this with DAQ person.
    • Note 2: Things will probably be broken and need fixing.
    • Inventory Dead channels from run 1 Day. (Calibration).
    • Decide if Waveguide optimisation is needed: (Calibration), possibly +4 days.
      • If needed:
        • Decide on waveguide optimisations (Calibration) 2 hours
        • Move waveguides (Geoff Barber, Melissa Uchida, Craig Macwaters) 2 Days
        • Regenerate mapping 1 Day NB. Hand over Heidts mapping script.
  • Pulser run for all Detectors basic checks (DAQ) (23rd August): (MOM, Uchida, Rajaram(remote), Overton(remote))
    • Check all HV supplies are outputting HV to PMTs
    • Start the DAQ using run control in 'Pulser' Trigger
    • Check the DAQ logs to check:
      • All detectors are reading out
      • No Errors exist in the configuration
  • Perform main calibration (Calibration) - 30th August (3 Days) (Uchida, Overton(consult))
    • Note: If WG mapping is changed, the changes must be included during calibration, otherwise channels will be erroneously safely ignored by the calibration process.
    • Take DAQ run - 2 Hours
    • auto-process calibration - 1 Day (processing time)
    • Review and correct mis-calibrated channels - 2 Days (human time)
    • Upload calibration to CDB - 2 Hours.
      • Note: This process should ideally be done just before running, I recommend a first pass to get used to the process, and a second pass around the expert run.
  • [BEAM] Verfiy Calibration/Mapping/Timing - TBD September (MOM, Rajaram, Uchida)
    • Verify Timing (DAQ) - 2 hours (+2 hours if correction needed).
    • Verify calibration (Calibration) & Mapping:
      • check kuno sum
        ***check light yields per channel
      • look at general plane plots
  • [BEAM] All Detectors (DAQ) - TBD September (MOM, Rajaram)
    • Start a run with run control, Trigger TOF1.
    • Repeat 3b.3
    • Check online reconstruction for each detecor in turn.
  • TODO Now:
    • Chase ISIS about ISIS-1RF with 'DAQ' person. (Overton)
  • General notes:
    • Need Documentation on calibration procedure and how-to guide for manual checks, refits etc
    • Need Documentation, trouble shooting guide/ cheat sheets
    • In job list, identify if some “training” can be done remotely e.g. getting people familiar with readout code, calibration code, verification procedures

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