2017-06-13 papers

Emittance measurement paper

  • Referees meeting planned for Tuesday did not happen - VB was pulled off the paper on to other things so cancelled (MOM, IC stuff)
  • Paper is at risk of being overtaken by other analyses
  • Meeting with KL and VB on Wednesday to seek a way forward

Emittance reduction paper - Rogers will work @ 50 % effort; 100 % contingency is appropriate

  • Refactor analysis routines to deal with more data (30 hours)
  • Add downstream cuts for badly reconstructed events and decays (20 hours/12 hours)
  • Improved PID cut (6 hours)
  • Analysis of apertures (40 hours)
  • Event selection to get a matched beam (40 hours)
  • Tidy up uncertainty analysis (40 hours)
    • Second pass on the general approach
    • Field magnitude in tracker region
    • Effect of uncertainty in tracker alignment to field
  • Improved amplitude calculation - beam ellipse calculation separate to amplitude calculation (10 hours)
  • MC Uncertainties (geometry/densities, fields) (40 hours)
Jobs I am not planning to do, subject to referees
  • Beam-based magnet alignment and magnitude (this is a paper in itself)
  • Running COMSOL to validate Hall probes in tracker region; and comparison with the field mapping data (this is a paper in itself)
  • TOF systematic uncertainty is probably at 100-200 ps level; but it is only used for PID and validation

Scattering paper - Nugent

  • Update Note (new round of plots) - 1 week
  • Moliere model comparison - 1 week
  • Implement P correction - 1 week
  • More detailed exposition of maths in MICE note - 1 week
  • Validation of TOF reconstruction - 1 week
  • Reprocess data with MAUS v2.9.0 (Durga et al)
  • Build MC with MAUS v2.9.0 (Durga et al)

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