Computing & Software status

  • Software:
    • Tracker rolling review continues, several actions generated, next meeting in ~ week
    • Tracker: EO released new calibrations June 12
      • pilot processing of a sample run shows improvements
    • Globals:
      • DR processed some data with the global track matching module enabled in MAUS
        • benchmarks show processing time is ~x4 slower than with no globals
          • note: by requiring only mu+ PID, processing time is ~x2 slower
      • also, seems to be a bug where the program terminates [ points to RK stepping ], J. Greis digging
  • MC
    • TOF issues: meeting with S. Wilbur tomorrow
      • TOF2 inefficiency, tracker-tof discrepancy, calibration systematics
    • G4BL
      • MC with tuned dipole currents looks like an improvement. Maletic to generate libraries
    • Geometry:
      • diffuser definition & number incorrect — DR has fixed it, but material budget probably needs further validation from analysis once an MC has been done
      • new survey positions incorporated
      • introducing Neon gas to geometry — pressure, temperature, density Ok-ed by J. Boehm
  • Processing:
    • All data processed with MAUS-v2.8.5
      • issue with 2.9.0 blocks processing with new release
        • AD waiting for some bug fixes from C. Hunt & few other updates -- then patch & run
  • MAUS Paper
    • AD & DR working on a draft.
      • promised ~June 12, for KL to intervene & comment
      • AD has updated pieces of the MAUS structure
      • DR cleaning up. Will have KL give it a glance this week.
      • Note: Need to agree on an author list

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