2017-01-10 physics-report

Status of papers

  • Scattering straight tracks paper
    • TOF "momentum" reconstruction issues resolved;
    • Still working through understanding bias due to acceptance/inefficiency
    • Noticed issue with 200 MeV/c data; systematically narrower scattering distributions in overlapping momentum region compared to other data sets. Working through the issue.
  • Emittance paper
    • Observed ~ 2 MeV/c residual between MC and TOF and similar between MC and tracker; sum is 5 MeV/c; may be consistent with offset between TOF and tracker in data; VB still staring at things;
    • Hall probes still show significant discrepancy with data
  • Demo paper
    • KL is leading redrafting effort; distribution to collaboration by end of week; seek to discuss comments with JBLagrange following xmas break
  • Energy loss in field
    • Improved deconvolution algorithm; deconvolved distributions look better
    • Need to do more digging into underlying reconstruction/validation
  • Scattering in field
    • Still working on understanding tracker u/s vs tracker d/s and checking that the track extrapolation is consistent
  • Emittance reduction (and tracker efficiency)
    • Working through tracker efficiency issues. Isolated to phi calculation in the pattern recognition which seems excessively noisy. Trying to understand source of noise. Number of things to check.
    • Rogers checked fields and hall probes; hall probe discrepancy with fields to be understood; first pass on tracker->field alignment, no significant issue
    • Holger is working on field maps for the 2016/04 data
    • Ao is looking at sampling/weighting algorithms; no clear solution
    • Tanaz is looking at KDE algorithm and associated bias

2016/05 settings

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