Physics coordinator report

Status of papers

  • Demo paper (JB Lagrange) - new draft received yesterday; would like to read through before distribution to collaboration.
  • Emittance paper (V Blackmore) - preliminary plots uploaded to publications area for ICHEP; VB has been on vacation since last week
  • Scattering paper (R Bayes) - preliminary plots uploaded to publications area for ICHEP; bias introduced by misalignment checked and looks small; now looking at bias introduced by TOF vs momentum

Analysis of 2016 data

  • Detector alignment has been processed (Drielsma) (see CM45 discussion)
  • FC alignment (Rogers) - running job list:
    • First pass analysis on all of the 2016/02 data
    • Many cuts and biases have already been studied
    • Added estimate of statistical errors
    • Looked at momentum reconstruction bias using TOF12
    • Generated full Rogers MC data set but not analysed
      • No production data set available
    • Needs reconstruction incl. detector alignment (and this is blocking)
  • Combined SSU and SSD analysis has not been analysed
    • Vacations and conferences have been rife

Planning for 2016/03

  • First pass list of magnet settings determined
  • Drielsma is looking at bias introduced on RMS emittance change by scraping; seems significant; alternative analyses under study (Drielsma, Mohayai)

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