Operations report

  • User Cycle 2015/04
    • Began on 16th Feb and running began a week later
    • MOM : Paul Kyberd (& then Ryan)
    • Expert startup was mostly successful, although delayed due to
      • Tour for High-level Chinese Academy of Science delegation
      • Loss of dipole in ISIS which delayed beam startup for several days
    • Data-taking began on 23rd February
      • TOF Calibation (Durga)
      • Alignment (Francois)
      • Extended repeat of run 7469 for emittance studies (Victoria)
    • DS PSU returned on Friday 26th and is now being installed and tested by Daresbury technicians
    • Zero absorber running delayed due to problems in evacuating the absorber overlapping with unavailability of experts
      (Mark Tucker was on leave)
    • Absorber is now being evacuated and we should be ready to take zero absorber data today. Zero absorber run-time is now
      compressed (return of DS to active status may help if done in time).
    • Installation of LiH absorber still planned to being on Monday March 7th and to continue for the entire week.
    • If the DS is operational, we could do rate studies during the evening runs of next week.
  • DS Alarm incident on 29/2/2016
    • Evidence that procedures are not being followed from DS Alarm incident will need to be worked through
  • User Cycle 2016/01
    • April user cycle : April 12th - May 20th
    • Decision has (I think) been made to cancel April running (are we agreed on this? If so I will tell the MOM that they are not
      required for April
      ) We need to think carefully about what may be realistically
      available by May to decide on whether we run in May (and what data we take).
  • Shifts for Feb/Mar run
    • BLOC signup (& size of pool) is still a concern
    • Have decided to offer partial shift credit for BLOCs as incentive

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