Operations Report

  • User Cycle 2015/04
    • Begins on 16th Feb
    • MOM : Paul Kyberd (& then Ryan)
    • First week : 16th - 22nd reserved for expert startup, beam tuning, training
    • Data-taking begins on 23rd & continues in a 16/24 basis until March 23rd
    • Uncertainty is the date for absorber installation. Tentatively scheduled for week of March 9-13 (for which we might just run evening shifts)
      but not verified.
  • User Cycle 2016/01
    • April user cycle : April 12th - May 20th
    • If we use this cycle for anything we probably will need to open shifts at the end of February.
  • Shifts for Feb/Mar run
    • 90 / 120 shifts have been assigned but take-up is slowing
    • BLOC signup (& size of pool) is a concern
    • Can we continue with the assumption that BLOCs do not do shifts concurrently?
  • Shift activities
    • Looking at making end-of-day activities independent of MOM
  • Run plan
    • Not yet defined beyond basic blocking out
    • DS schedule impact on run plan is not known

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