2016-12-13 physics

Status of Papers

  • Demo paper - New version to referees this morning; seek to circulate to the collaboration next week.
  • Emittance paper - MC vs data comparison looks good. Hall probes are still outstanding. TOF/tracker discrepancy still outstanding.
  • Scattering paper - referees meeting two weeks ago. Main outstanding item was acceptance and detector efficiency bias. Ryan is digging. Phone call scheduled for Wednesday pm.

Next Round of Publications

  • 2016/03 - energy loss
  • 2016/03 - multiple scattering
  • Alignment (detector and magnet)
  • First emittance reduction - focus on one setting, minimal beam selection
  • Description of cooling channel
  • Outstanding issue is tracker efficiency; Ed Overton and Adam are sorting out Tracker PR

Settings for 2016/05

  • Work is in progress
  • Straight tracks scattering
  • Need to be able to answer "if we run these magnet limits, this is the physics potential"

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