Software & Computing Issues

  • Software
    • Tracker:
      • TKD Inefficiency: mostly stemming from pattern recognition
    • TOF-Tracker discrepancy in momentum: to be investigated
    • Global:
      • Track-matching performance is slow for multiple spacepoints/tracks, not much room for improvement
      • To do: DR to look into processing schemes that will preserve fast MLCR reco while also incorporating global matching
      • To do: Get CR's track-propagation API into MAUS
  • MC:
    • G4BL generation of pion beam libraries blocked -- issues with very few pions getting through to TOF1/Tracker.
      • Need resources to tune G4BL so beam matches reality
    • DR starting to go ahead and generate 'muon' libraries - verifying this locally first, then offloading to GRID
  • Data processing
    • Automatic offline reconstruction with latest survey, calibrations
    • To-do: Reprocessing of earlier runs with latest patch

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