Software & Computing Issues

  • Software
    • TOF:
      • S. Wilbur is now TOF code & calibration maintainer. Calibrations performed against data from last cycle.
        • Need robust validation procedure before uploading.
    • Tracker:
      • NaN bug: bug identified, fix is not yet in MAUS
    • Global:
      • Performance is an issue; believed to come from propagation; Jan Greis studying
    • MC:
      • G4BL generation of pion beam libraries started -- issues with very few pions getting through to TOF1/Tracker.
        • Possibly related to incorrect dipole strengths in g4bl deck. Needs to be studied
  • Infrastructure
    • by-run geometry of recent data did not have absorber in
      • does not affect bare reconstruction -- but will affect propagation & MC
    • Geometry has now been updated.
  • Data processing
    • All StepIV data processed with MAUS-v2.6.0
    • Automatic data processing of all recent data completed with MAUS-v2.6.1
    • Run-by-run online reconstruction plots are now bundled with reconstructed output, as well as with the raw data tarball.
  • Reprocessing
    • Geometry update (with LiH in), and new TOF calibrations (running checks) warrant reprocessing.
      • reprocessing will commence by Thursday (11/3), with a new MAUS tag, and will be back-loaded so new data gets reprocessed first
  • Personnel
    • DAQ head
    • Geometry head

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