Software & Computing Issues

Software & Computing Issues:

  • Software
    • Tracker:
      • Charge reconstruction bug: fixed, in MAUS release 2.6.0
      • NaN bug: bug identified, fix is not yet in MAUS
    • TOF:
      • Discrepancy between TOF & tracker of ~100 ps: Scott Wilbur starting to investigate by looking at TOF0-TOF1 path-length effect
    • Global:
      • Performance is slow; believed to come from propagation; Jan Greis studying
    • MC:
      • G4BL generation of pion beam libraries still pending (FD)
        • To be efficient, v1 will just generate libraries to get production going, will consider TOF0 handoff (requires testing) at next iteration
        • FD to provide G4BL generation scripts, DM will run them on GRID
  • Infrastructure
    • Analysis-based geometry corrections now in CDB
      • Geometry-handling updated to pull down corrections from CDB
      • Now default in MAUS 2.6.0
    • Reconstruction quality table has been created along with API (JM)
      • Reco flags will come from a post-processing job
        • 4 bits for each detector (count 11 detectors including RFs from Cooling Demo)
      • DR has finished code implementation for TOF & EMR, awaiting code/pseudo-code for tracker
    • Changes to the reconstructed data presentation & book-keeping
      • Online reconstruction plots will now be bundled with reconstructed output
  • Data reprocessing
    • Sample data processed with new MAUS 2.6.0
      • awaiting results from validation by FD before proceeding with processing all StepIV data
  • Online
    • Hall probes readout in data stream & unpacked data (dead hall probes are disabled)
    • Have not been able to debug prescaled trigger with beam.
      • Unpacking of trigger board is disabled, but will test during expert-led run on 9/21

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