Software & Computing Issues

Software & Computing Issues:

  • Software
    • Tracker:
      • Inefficiency at low pt: PK & AD to look at it
      • NaN bug: bug identified, pending fix in MAUS trunk
      • Charge reconstruction bug: has been flagged, tracker group to investigate
    • TOF:
      • Discrepancy between TOF & tracker of ~100 ps: Scott Wilbur starting to investigate by looking at TOF0-TOF1 path-length effect
    • Global:
      • TRef issue in data structure holding back Global track matching from going into production processing. This has now been fixed -- need some performance tests before going into production.
    • Field handling
      • Need to account for PRY effect in MAUS fields -- cumbersome (no manpower) to generate OPERA maps for each current setting
      • Correction factors (at 4T) received from HW/JP
      • Need to run some sample reconstruction with different scale factors to test
    • MC:
      • G4BL generation is bottle neck
      • FD to look at this next
        • Consider TOF0 as G4BL-MAUS handoff point -- needs to be tested by pushing through both G4BL & MAUS and comparing
      • FD to provide G4BL generation scripts, DM will run them on GRID
        • Also need some versioning/book-keeping cleanup of G4BL inputs
  • Infrastructure
    • Working on creating a DB table to hold alignment corrections to surveyed geometry (#1817)
      • Table & associated software API have been created (JM), opened to developers, RB is testing
      • corrections will be applied at geometry download time, transparent for end-user
    • Reconstruction quality table has been created along with API (JM)
      • Reco flags will come from a post-processing job
        • 4 bits for each detector (count 11 detectors including RFs from Cooling Demo)
      • DR developing post-processing & quality extraction infrastructure
  • Data reprocessing
    • Data to be re-processed with next MAUS release once tracker bugs are fixed
      • may have Global in this iteration as well
    • Will like to have alignment corrections coming from the CDB table (above) for this round of processing
      • RB & JM away, so this might not converge for this release, but..
  • Issue Responsible Status
    Tracker NaN bug PK, AD To be fixed in trunk
    Charge reconstruction PK, AD To be investigated
    Inefficiency at low pt PK, AD To be investigated
    Global Data structure issue JG, AD Possibly fixed
    Geometry Alignment corrections from CDB RB, JM In testing
    MC G4BL FD, DR, DM To be started
    Speed DR, AD To be looked at
    Infrastructure Reco quality DR In development
    DNS network issue PF, DR To investigate

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