2016-06-14-memo physics

Emittance paper

  • First meeting with refereees
    • Need more detail on reconstruction - "proof" that the detectors work
    • Need to untangle assumption of cylindrical symmetry implicit in Penn definitions; e.g. eigenemittances etc?
  • Rogers/Jan Greis looking at tracker recon and comparison with TOF
    • Picked up problems with detector alignment in straight tracks data for MC; suspect ongoing bugs still in tracker recon software
    • Now have Kalman fit working for non-uniform fields; going through algorithm optimisation/tuning; compare with SciFi and MC truth; residuals comparable to SciFi residuals so far
    • Can start looking at solenoid alignment, but need to work through any remaining issues in the tracker alignment/software
  • Durga is working through TOF features
    • Systematic error on TOF based on rate effects
    • Systematic error on TOF due to off axis path length of electrons used in TOF calibration
  • Scott is working through PID issues
    • Quite strong confirmation that the "muon shoulder" arises due to the diffuser support
    • Found that we do not have sufficient data to validate the PID routines by comparison between TOF/tracker and EMR
      • EMR pion rejection is not good enough
      • Have to use MC for validation instead
  • MC sample shows improved agreement with data
    • Main issue -> few MeV/c pz offset between MC and data

Scattering paper

  • Ryan has complete end-to-end analysis
  • Get good agreement with Cobb-Carlisle model and data
  • Working through the systematics
  • Worried about systematic influence of MC on the analysis
  • Also considering Fourier-transform based deconvolution
  • Also considering "empty data + scattering model"

Cooling Demo paper

  • JB has note in good order
  • Held up due to illness
  • Referee meeting planned for Monday 20th June
  • I have final draft, in the end without recon, to pass to referees

Other things

  • Magnet alignment via transfer matrices - Sophie has numbers on the FC alignment; but analysis of straight tracks data is not showing tracker alignment => issues in tracker recon
  • Magnet alignment via minimise residuals - depends on global track fitting routines, which Rogers is working on
  • Beamline optimisation - Paolo is working on momentum selection, before going through details of quad optimisation; advice is to focus on "no diffuser" settings for 3 T in SSU

July run plan

  • I have a partial run plan note
  • Working through "measurement coordinators" and some of the details

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