Physics coordinator report

07Oct15 run analysis (V Blackmore)
  • Alignment analysis coming to a conclusion (F Drielsma); MICE note in preparation
  • TOF tracks reconstruction complete (V Blackmore); VB looking at comparison between TOF tracks and tracker tracks on beam basis
  • Global tracking analysis in progress (C Rogers); aim is to do fitting in generic B-field and track-by-track comparison for various jobs (tracker fits, magnet alignment, TOF vs tracker...)
  • Paper preparation workshop on Monday 8th Feb PC-2016-02-08-papers
Xenon running (J. Nugent, P. Soler)
  • Skeleton paper has been prepared. Few modifications proposed.
  • Efficiency and response matrix key analysis things for estimating systematic uncertainty; need to understand the procedure by which the matrices can be estimated (MC and Data). Will pull in tracker group et al once they have a better idea of what they need from them.
Cooling demo specification paper (JB Lagrange)
  • Non-linear analysis on MC of run 140 MeV/c (C Rogers); few tweaks suggested and rerunning script on other optics settings
  • Exchange of geometry files with Durga/JB and getting ready to do a trial reconstruction (D Rajaram)
  • Writing up optimisation routines and generating relevant plots (J Pasternak/JB Lagrange)
Other issues
  • No detailed run plan for Feb/March run yet; unclear what hardware will be available (today's discussion with hardware postponed)

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