Software & Computing Issues

Software & Computing Issues:

  • Data reprocessing
    • To re-process data & do Step IV MC production, need:
      • Software: new release with tracker MC fixes
      • Geometry: new geometry with alignment corrections, fixes for MC, field model with PRY effect
      • DB: updated calibrations and bad channel map for tracker
    • For simulation of Cooling Demo
      • Need geometry with the official lattice. JB testing before handing over.
  • Software
    • Tracker MC issues nearly resolved
      • Fixes to code, as well as to geometry
      • Code fixes being tested, to be merged into the MAUS trunk
      • New geometry being prepared for release
    • Field model in geometry
      • Opera model is being added to the geometry (for 4T run)
      • When field model is available, it will be folded into the geometry by default. If not, field map derived from coil currents
      • This will be available with the upcoming geometry release
      • The code to handle reading the Opera map is already in MAUS.
      • The geometry script changes to pull in the opera map will be brought into MAUS shortly by DR
  • Efficiencies
    • Tracker space-point and straight-track efficiencies reasonable now. Inefficiency with helical tracks being studied.
    • TOF efficiencies being studied. Seems to be ~4-5% inefficiency in slab hits for both TOF0 and TOF1. TOF0 space-point inefficiency being investigated.
      • Possible that it will have to be recalibrated (in software)
  • Infrastructure
    • Working on creating a DB table to hold alignment corrections to surveyed geometry (#1817)
      • corrections will be applied at geometry download time, transparent for end-user
    • Need a table to hold information about absorbers
      • Schema specified (#1815)
      • Needs to be written from RC
      • JM will create the table and the necessary C-API for Pierrick
    • Need table to store data & reconstruction quality flags
      • Reco flags will come from a post-processing job
        • 4 bits for each detector (count 11 detectors including RFs from Cooling Demo)
      • DR writing sample skeleton using TOF. Expect this to converge ~same time CDB is ready to digest it

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