• Tracker sign flip
    • Problem identified.
      • fibers were counted in the 'wrong' direction (wrt hardware design) in the reconstruction (code) & MC (description)
      • the two stereo-views had their rotations flipped in the geometry description
      • the rotation direction in geant goes the opposite way wrt reconstruction
    • Implementation & Testing in progress
      • Code:
        • Fix interpretation of mapping — counting of fibers to be consistent with h/w map
      • MC:
        • Fix fiber numbering in the geometry description (to be consistent with h/w and reconstruction)
        • handle geant-reco rotation difference in the gdml translation
      • C. Heidt has implemented
      • DR has re-processed a test run with the fixes, C.H is looking at the output
      • Fixes to go into production geometry & MAUS after testing
  • Tracker momentum reconstruction
    • CHunt investigating: Energy loss handling in Kalman, field non-uniformity, field underestimation in MAUS
  • Geometry
    • the EMR geometry has been fixed by RB (sensitive detector definitions in the GDML description)
      • FD has been working on structural improvements to the EMR reconstruction, will look at geometry next & validate


  • EPICS failover tests (partially) done
    • tested the failover of miceeccserv1
    • will need to be repeated with both backups once miceecserv nodes get static IPs
  • CDB failover tested
    • procedure now documented
    • triggering the read-only-slave to become a read-write-master takes < 5 minutes.
  • cooling channel currents for past runs now in CDB, so one can retrieve currents by run number
    • PMH has also started writing cooling channel information to CDB from RC now
  • JM & DR to work on better automation and job submission/processing bookkeeping on offrec computer

C&M network reconfiguration

  • Guideline: communication with critical devices should not go through any intermediate server
    • implies static IP addresses & avoiding nameserver resolution (communicate explicitly to a static IP )
    • lockout ssh connections into critical machines during running (except for superuser)
  • requires
    • list of C&M machines -- with the networked devices they talk to (ACTION: PMH, PF)
    • configuration changes on C&M machines & networked h/w devices to assign a static IP (PMH, PF)
    • avoid nameserver resolution by listing names in local lookup table (/etc/hosts) -- sync has to be handled carefully (PF)
    • shared mounts to be referenced by IP, not name (PF)
    • code changes to communicate to devices by IP (not name) (PMH)
    • define PV to indicate running/testing mode (PMH), and script ssh-lockout based on PV (PF)
  • PF documenting detailed procedure (in progress:
  • Estimate ~40 hours (~20 machines + h/w devices), needs to be done when disruptions to C&M & network are acceptable

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