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Boyd, Steven, 17 November 2015 14:05

2015-11-17 memo-operations-report


  • Weekly commissioning scheduling meetings started. First one worked well - let's see how it develops. Next meeting @ 15:30 today
  • Activities this week can be seen in the weekly work plan at the top of the Operations page.
  • 3 shift blocks assigned for end of the current user cycle. Not well populated yet. We will have to see
    what the take-up is before we define the running mode (24/16 hour?)
  • November 24th will be an expert led run. Ed is leading this.
  • Recent activation run has been analysed and shows significant activation of some sections of ISIS. Dean
    is wary about 4V beamloss running but will try to maximise our event rate through other means. Apparently
    activation runs are no longer necessary - they will monitor as we take data.
  • Ed/Durga are looking into online code version documentation (in accordance with MPB recommendations)

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