• Tracker sign flip
    • We observe a sign flip in x when connecting TKU to TOF1 & TKD to TOF2
    • TKU and TKD are consistent with each other
    • In the MC, there is no flip in x, but there is a sign flip in y in the MC
    • For now focussing on real data:
      • The channel mapping looks OK
        • Verified by taking some data with different bits of the tracker turned on/off
        • The channels (at digit-level) show up exactly where expected based on understanding of tracker layout and drawing
      • The spacepoint position appears flipped
      • Points to somewhere in the digit->spacepoint bridge
        • could be either description of the geometry, or interpretation (code-handling) of the geometry, or reconstruction code
        • AD has looked through the geometry and believes it agrees with drawing
        • CHeidt believes the space-point algorithm is doing the right thing, given its inputs.
      • CHeidt and AD working through it
        • CHeidt has a "fix", which does fix it, but it is arbitrary.
      • EO and DR have just started looking at the code independently
  • Tracker momentum reconstruction
    • CHunt has started looking into it this week, dissecting the reconstruction routines
  • MC
    • Setup on offrec01, using G4BL 3-200 generated by JN
    • Processed a few to check scripts and speed, but holding off until (various) reconstruction issues are resolved
  • Geometry
    • the EMR geometry has been fixed by RB (sensitive detector definitions in the GDML description)
      • FD needs to validate it


  • Failover tests scheduled for tomorrow (Nov 18)
    • trigger failover of CDB and servers, recover, document procedure

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