2015-09-15 analysis report

  • V Blackmore Analysis of Q123 scan data; beam distribution is very independent of Q123 currents; no improvement in rate
  • V Blackmore is resurrecting old beamline data
  • Tracker field off alignment; no progress while Chris Hunt on vacation
  • Tracker to field alignment; algorithm is producing stable result ~5 mrad in x and y; but note that space point reconstruction is suspect (rotation); looking into systematics
  • PID field off alignment; confirmed survey by propagating EMR tracks into TOF2 (incl EMR misalignment)
  • Particle selection/cut-based PID; found mis-calibration of EMR (bad timing window); found bad calibration of TOF (fit to the muon peak not electron peak)
  • 2015/02 plan we have outline plan and settings, need to firm up details of expected rate/etc; SSD/M1 issue now blocking
  • Cooling demo paper; discussion on 11th September; some rewriting of draft needed; more details on lattice optimisation; regroup Friday 25th September; SSD/M1 issue...

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