• Speedup implementation complete
    • Processing speed at least as fast as data-taking rate
      • VLSB zero-suppression was on
    • Tested during 01b: Reconstructed live on onrec03
  • Release 1.0
    • Reconstruction code: need to import latest mapping and calibrations
      • SciFi reconstruction sets helical tracking on by default and turns it off if there is no appreciable <Bz> in both trackers
      • Issue: Channel magnet currents don't appear to be in the CDB
    • Geometry: RB wants to push some geometry fixes
      • some of these are KL/EMR geometry issues which don't affect real-data reconstruction, so we don't want too long on this.

Offline processing

  • Release MAUS 1.0 with updated calibrations, mapping, geometry
  • Process a few runs on onrec03
  • Have output available for experts to look at
  • Patch MAUS & release new if need be based on feedback
  • Process all good runs from 01a/b on onrec03
    • List of good runs has now been provided by RB
    • Infrastructure: Place to host the reconstructed output -- can push to GRID, but think it's simpler to disentangle the MLCR reconstruction from GRID. Exploring hosting on one of the PPD machines [ heplnm072 ]
  • In the meanwhile, JM will install certified MAUS on GRID & process.


  • Need DAQ feedback to EPICS to alert shifters to data corruption. (RG, YK)

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