2015-03-24 physics coordinator report

Run planning meeting

  • Following Wednesday's run planning meeting, essentially no change to the plan. New version of the note uploaded with added 50 % contingency column in table 3.
  • Would like to make a follow up meeting in May. Should we add in dates (or at least sort by time) to the plan?

Physics shifter

  • First "physics shift" over the weekend
    • A bit rushed to get the "analysis" done for Monday meeting, will try again for Friday
    • I think it is an okay start
  • Physics shifter script has been prepared
    • Plan is to merge into MAUS eventually
  • Two routes to go down:
    1. Physics shifter script runs as an automated postprocessor on e.g. PPD cluster somewhere
    2. Physics shifter script runs as an automated postprocessor following GRID jobs
    1. PPD cluster (Rogers preference)
      • More easy for Rogers to manage
      • Checks that data is stored correctly and accessible from web (mimics analysis workflow better)
      • Results can go to e.g. area
    2. GRID
      • Requires less web traffic
      • Results can go into the RECON tarball; keeps it with the data, but makes it quite inaccessible

Physics block challenge

  • Have done an analysis on the physics block challenge dataset
  • With some beam selection, reconstructed emittance in/out to 6.26/6.29
    • Have not unblinded the data yet
  • Next up:- check the coil current settings make sense
  • Full report at analysis meeting on Thurs


  • Conversation has led to the following provisional break down of MCS studies
    • Field off MCS - Nugent/Glasgow
    • Field on MCS - Pidcott/Warwick
    • Energy Loss - Gardner/Brunel
    • Emittance reduction - Heidt
  • Analysis dashboard

Analysis Code

  • A new version of xboa was released, 0.16.2, and is now available with MAUS
  • Another version will follow the physics block challenge
  • Release notes below:
Release Notes v0.16.2
- A weighting algorithm was added for statistical weighting of bunches using
  voronoi diagrams in xboa.bunch.weighting
- Modifications were made to enable xboa to be integrated with MAUS
- Few documentation fixes

Release Notes v0.16.1
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug causing an intermittent memory error in bunch module
- Fixed a bug where tune calculations can fail in FFTTuneFinder if the number of
  turns is odd

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