2015-03-10-MEMO C+SW

Schedule & Milestones

Group Item Milestone Persons
C&M Beamline & Detectors Run Control March 2, 2015 PMH
SS+FC SM and RC March 30, 2015 PMH
LH2 SM April 30, 2015 PMH
Nagios Interfacing May 15, 2015 PMH
B-field & PRY monitoring June 1, 2015 PMH
Online Integrated DAQ March 20, 2015 YK
Integrated Trigger May 1, 2015 YK
Offline Final Track Fit April 1, 2015 AD
Global Tracks & PID June 26, 2015 AD
Infrastructure Automated Data-movement April 1, 2015 PF
  • C&M reports separately

Progress against milestones

  • Automated data-movement
    • Was tested during MDR2
      • Chain: DAQ -> Interim Storage -> Tape Storage -> Tier-1 reconstruction -> Reconstructed output available via IC http
      • Worked
      • Some issues remaining with the RunControl triggering of the DAQ->Interim Storage section
        • Bugs & error-trapping in the script have been fixed
        • PF will be testing with RunControl -- only need to be able to start/stop DAQ from RC to test
  • Final Track fit: Stands
  • Integrated DAQ: Stands
    • YK/EO to readout noise and verify unpacking with OnlineMonitoring
  • Integrated Trigger: Stands
    • New trigger will be validated during weekend running
      • Dependencies: requires new TOF calibration

MAUS Processing time issues

  • Discussions with AD, CR, YK
    • Have a likely implementation using C++11
    • Entails some external compiler dependencies and cleanup of MAUS
    • Under review & discussion on issue tracker


  • Offline:
    • DAQ unpacking currently failing to link against new DATE libraries on SL5.
      • an upgrade to SL6 is expected to solve the problem
      • SL6 implementation during MDR2 worked
      • Need to validate unpacker with meaningful data
    • EMR produces additional recon events in the data structure - bad practice, EMR group will be requested to address this
      • has been addressed, under test before going to MAUS
    • Work ongoing by Chris Hunt, Adam and Ken to bring tracker reconstruction up to scratch.
    • Tracker DAQ unpacking / digitisation remains broken, though sensible VLSB data is now seen, extremely slow however. Concerned that this is somewhat orphaned at present.
      • Stands
  • Online + Infrastructure
    • miceonrec03 being upgraded to SL6
      • MAUS-trunk and OnlineMonitoring on SL6 successfully deployed during MDR2
      • Need at least one other SL6 onrec computer availabe as backup for weekend running
        • Will upgrade onrec01/onrec02 (PF)
    • need a working MAUS test server node with SL6
      • heplnv157 is down: to be resolved
      • upgrade heplnm071 to SL6 (PPD to be requested)

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