• Updates to batch reconstruction scripts for reprocessing with different configuration cards
    • Should be in next MAUS release. PID paper reprocessing is pending this
  • Global tracking revamp in progress using Runge Kutta instead of transfer maps
    • expecting first results by CM41
  • Priority Items:
    • fix broken tracker unpacking
    • fix to salvage "corrupt data" from old runs -- affects PID paper
    • add reconstruction quality flags
  • Tracker and MAUS papers in circulation
    • awaiting updates to EMR, Ckov, and Global sections for MAUS paper
    • Global group has promised by CM41


  • MLCR network switch replaced
  • Continuing identification of backup needs and requirements for spares/replacements
  • On-call rota: filling up roster, need more volunteers
  • Found data corruption in some older runs
    • Yordan attempting a fix to salvage already corrupt data
    • Need to make sure we catch such issues earlier, pre-reconstruction so that we don't take corrupted data


  • Preparing for MC batch production
    • necessary scripts are in latest offline release, testing CDB production tables, and beam-input bureaucracy
  • DataMover automation plan to test by the next activation run
  • heplnm069 replacement: delivery pending
  • Plans to migrate offline test server and epics gateways to HyperV
  • Warwick postdoc slated to take charge of Infrastructure from Jan 15.

Schedule & Milestones

  • Will be working with Roy Preece on getting C/Sw schedule into MS Project & identifying milestones to report/track

Controls & Monitoring

  • cf. Pierrick Hanlet's report

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