2014-10-14-MEMO C+SW status and plans

MAUS release 0.9.1
  • Memory leak fixes
  • KL - MC tuning, calibrations in CDB
  • TOF - calibrations by run-number
  • MC - fine grained production thresholds by volume and particle type
  • MC - add LiH material definition
  • Geometry - Ckov added
    Geometry workshop in Glasgow on Wednesday
  • MLCR upgrade proceeding
  • Yordan + EMR crew are in town
    • Replace DAQ servers
    • Move EMR rack
    • Various boards etc fixed/replaced
  • Network switch purchase to go ahead
  • Nagios development going forward
    Estimate completion of outstanding jobs ~ March 2014
  • Started a new batch reconstruction run against 0.9.1
    • Hung up on a file permissions issue
  • Implemented CDB tables to support batch MC and batch reconstruction
    • Now ready for UAT
  • Estimates for purchase of replacement heplnm069
  • Preparing new mousehole on more resilient server infrastructure
  • New feature requests
    • Hosting external Nagios instance,
    • Hosting of shifter webpage
  • SL6.4 upgrade for datamover is finally moving
  • Initiated discussion of "data quality" flags #1383
    Estimated completion of outstanding jobs ~ March 2014

C+M - reports separately

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