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Demonstration of Ionization Cooling Operational Plan

10 November 2014 20:17

Initial discussion of operations in the MICE demonstration of ionization cooling.

Full title: Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling, Experiment and Operational Plan.

Test and commissioning plan: cooling demonstration

10 November 2014 21:42

Full title: Test and Commissioning Plan: MICE Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling

Magnet and Beam Commissioning at Step IV

10 November 2014 21:50

Magnet and Beam Commissioning at Step IV

Controls System Prioritised Plan

10 November 2014 17:40

Prioritised plan for delivering the Step IV controls system.

MICE Step IV Commissioning and Operations Plan

11 November 2014 12:36

Plan for the commissioning and operations of MICE at Step IV.