Release Notes v0.11.0

  • Added maus import to read and write in maus format (virtual_hits only)
  • Added Bunch.build_penn_ellipse to build a beam ellipse using penn parameterisation
  • Added Bunch.new_hit_shell to build a set of particles that all sit on the same (arbitrary dimensional) beam ellipse
  • Added energy deposited parameter ('e_dep') for hit get/set
  • Added charge parameter ('charge') for hit get/set
  • Added list of unrecognised pids - updated by hit read_builtin
  • Fixed bug in Common.min_max (if all weights 0, get unhandled exception)
  • Fixed bug in units (GV was set wrong)
  • Fixed bug in Common.make_root_graph (can alter input list ordering)

Known Issues

  • Possible memory leak in bunchcore (and hence bunch) - I'm working on this. Can make a problem with large datasets.
  • There is a known issue that Common.kill_all_subprocesses() fails for python < 2.6 - seems to crash PyROOT if I kill subprocesses

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