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MAUS (MICE Analysis User Software) is the "MICE project's": tracking, detector reconstruction and accelerator physics analysis framework. MAUS is designed to fulfil a number of functions for physicists interested in studying MICE data: 

 * Model the behaviour of particles traversing MICE 
 * Model the MICE detector's electronics response to particles 
 * Perform pattern recognition to reconstruct particle trajectories from electronics output 
 * Provide a framework for high level accelerator physics analysis 
 * Provide online diagnostics during running of MICE 

 In addition to MAUS's role within MICE, the code is also used for generic accelerator development, in particular for the Neutrino Factory. 

 *[[Install|Installing MAUS]]* - how to "*download*": and install MAUS from source. 

 *[[Public_Deployments|Preinstalled MAUS]]* - shared copies of MAUS available to new users 

 MAUS Production reconstructed real data produced via: *"OffRec Machine":* *"GRID":* (earlier reco versions) 

 MAUS Production MC data information at: *[[analysis:MCProduction| MC Production]]* and data from 

 *"MICE Raw Data":* 

 *"MAUS Live Data Reconstruction":* 

 *"MAUS Workbook":* - a step-by-step guide to using MAUS to simulate, unpack, reconstruct and analyse MICE data (with examples) 

 *"MAUS User Guide":* - setting up geometries, run control variables and different user applications (pdf attachment:maus_user_guide.pdf also available) 

 *"MAUS Doxygen":* Doxygen":* (for latest release) 

 Code repositories: *"Launchpad":* (pro) *"Github":* (experimental) 

 *[[GeometryDescriptions|Geometry Descriptions]]* 

 *"Test Server":* - The MAUS test server forms part of our "Continuous Integration": stack  

 *[[MailingList|Email lists]]* and *[[MAUSMeetings|MAUS development meetings]]* - communications between the MAUS development team 

 *[[MAUSDevs|Additional Developer Documentation]]* - development of MAUS, code structure, doxygen, coding guidelines and testing guidelines 

 *[[Software_on-call|Software On-call]]* - Information on MAUS support shifters. 

 *[[MAUS-Citation|Citation]]* - Use this reference in order to cite MAUS 

 _For information regarding general computing and software, please see the [[computing-software:|Computing and Software wiki]] for help. See also the [[x-boa:|xboa project]] for information on accelerator physics postprocessor routines._