SSI brief

Task: Online operation of software

Online reconstruction
While operating MICE, we need to check that we can successfully reconstruct the detectors; this verifies integrity of data and is used to check satisfactory operation of the hardware. Further, we need to check that we can successfully operate the accelerator; this verifies integrity of the accelerator hardware.

Subtask data flow:
At the moment data is held in a buffer in memory. Should be upgraded to store data in a database to support multiple IO requests, large data size.

Subtask histogramming:
Typically we can monitor detector performance by making histograms of certain elements in the data structure. The task is to make an application that can access the data structure and add certain user-defined elements into 1D or 2D histograms. We would expect to use PyROOT or possibly ROOT for histogramming. We have implemented prototype concept using "Reduce" functionality.

Subtask UI:
The generated histograms should be visible from within the control room and (bonus points) externally. Potentially make a web browser interface for looking at histos? Interact with Dave Colling who has done this before and has existing code.

We still have to get brief from accelerator guys on what they want. I don't expect it will be radically different; might need an additional capacity to make histograms over a number of runs...

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