SOC Expert Instructions


  • A SOC must have access to the control room machines remotely
    • An account on mousehole is necessary
    • Knowledge of the onrec machine IP addresses, mice login, and root login may be necessary. See [[computing-software:Micenet_Computers]]


  • Make sure the shifter instructions (Shifter Instructions for MAUS Online Plots) have been followed properly, in particular:
    • Make sure was sourced, not
  • Firefox
    • Make sure firefox is being loaded from the onrec machine over the ssh connection, not by just running a local firefox copy
    • If the image display page at http://localhost:9000/maus/ is not appearing, individual pngs can be looked at with firefox from the onrec machine directly. The appear under the directory /home/mice/MAUS/datamover_target/<run_number>/.
  • If the onrec has crashed, looked for which process died first, and look at the associated log file (the link between PIDs and log files is at the start of the onrec output)
  • Try restarting the mongod and rabbitmq-server, as described at [[computing-software:Onrec_Setup]]
  • Trying using a different version of maus on the onrec machine. The maus directory is in fact just a soft link to the current installation, ls -la in the /home/mice/MAUS/ directory will show the other versions that are present. .maus_release is the default, another to try is .maus_trunk.
  • Try the other onrec machine (onrec02 is presently the default machine)
  • If all else fails call Adam (then Durga)

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