Shared Deployments

The following deployments are available to users who have access to the relevant clusters.


For those with an account on the RAL PPD cluster, there are precompiled versions of each MAUS bi-weekly release available under:




These releases may be used directly for operations such as simulating MICE or data reconstruction, or to provided precompiled third party libraries to a User's personal MAUS installation on the cluster. To use a standard release directly, first source the relevant environment script:

source /opt/ppd/mice/software/maus/maus-v<release-number>/

The executable scripts may then be run, for example:


Please only run the executables from your own file space.

To use the precompiled third party libraries for your own MAUS installation (which reduces the build time for a few hours to about 10 minutes), pull down a copy of MAUS from launchpad to the cluster and rename it in the standard way described here. Move to the root directory of the new MAUS installation and build with the following command:

./install_build_test.bash /opt/ppd/mice/software/maus/maus-v<release-number>/

NB: Be careful to make sure the version of MAUS you compile against matches the version you pull down from launchpad.

In the PPD cluster you can use the Condor batch system for jobs submission (exclusively with the CVMF MAUS installation).

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