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MAUS (MICE Analysis User Software) is the MICE project's tracking, detector reconstruction and accelerator physics analysis framework. MAUS is designed to fulfil a number of functions:

  • Model the behaviour of particles traversing MICE
  • Model the MICE detector's electronics response to particles
  • Perform pattern recognition to reconstruct particle trajectories from electronics output
  • Provide a framework for high level accelerator physics analysis
  • Provide online diagnostics during running of MICE

In addition to MAUS's role within MICE, the code is also used for generic accelerator development, in particular for the Neutrino Factory.

Installing MAUS - how to install MAUS from source

MAUS User Documentation - usage of MAUS; setting up geometries, run control variables and different user applications

Email lists and MAUS development meetings - communications between the MAUS development team

MAUS Developer Documentation - development of MAUS, code structure, doxygen, coding guidelines and testing guidelines

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