PC 180112 Work plan to February

  • We succeeded in getting TOF recon into the control room in MAUS for the December running thanks to a big effort from developers
  • The Monte Carlo simulation has more or less recovered from the conversion to MAUS; few bits missing - some tests, some documentation. In general the revised code is more robust.
  • We can now pull geometries - but not detectors or fields - from CAD to the code for e.g. MC simulation
Next major target is to get batch MC and reconstruction in place for February run
  • Review of data structure; IO to ROOT
  • Drive g4beamline to generate a beam at D2
  • Pull engineering geometry, field descriptions, detector descriptions into geometry model
  • Digitisation of detectors esp TOF
  • Trigger model
  • Deployment to GRID

Need to decide whether this is really going to happen...

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