Geant4.9.5 build

  • New script was added to build under G4.9.5.p01
    • third_party/install_build_test_geant4.9.5.p01
    • Goes through usual build process; then removes g4.9.2 and puts in g4.9.5.p01 instead
  • In order to build against G4.9.5.p01, need to change from
    #include "G4<file>.hh" 

    #include "Geant4/G4<file>.hh" 
    • This is better, so G4.9.2.p04 build/includes were modified to also see the new include directory structure.
    • i.e. G4.9.2/include directory was moved to G4.9.2/include/Geant4
    • i.e. all includes in the code base were changed to have Geant4/ prefix
  • The old physics list tests were raised from the dead (pulled from G4MICE tests)
    • Applies KS test on a wide range of physics processes
      • KS test is a direct test like - is this histogram the same as that histogram?
      • Looks at maximum discrepancy between the cumulative pdf
    • Fires a particle many times through an absorber and apply KS test on px, energy
    • Vary things like step size, absorber thickness, absorber material, pid
    • Test scripts intended to be extensible
  • Also makes a bunch of physics plots at output

Additionally, a few changes to Geant4 handling

  • New cuts added to cut on kinetic energy at production
    • default cut of 0.1 MeV (low energy electrons)
  • New cuts added to cut on particle type at production
    • default cuts neutrinos
  • Simulation geometry now defaults to "Test.dat" rather than "Stage6.dat"
    • In fact this is to do with the Globals routines **

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