PC 110819 Notes

Gene Kafka
Matt Littlefield
Summer Blot
Peter Lane
Chris Tunnell
Rob Roy Fletcher
Stefania Ricciardi
Anastatia ??
Pavel Snopock
Chris Heidt
Oleg Lysenko
David Colling

Tracker - Anastatia and Summer present, so hassled them since Ken and Edward are on holiday. Spacepoints by the end of the summer seems to be the expected goal. There was confusion as to it being done or not: they thought it was done and as far as MAUS is concerned there has been no progress (ie. in the trunk, usable by others) on tracker software this year. Tunnell thinks spacepoints could and should be in the September release with appropriate focus.
TOF - Yordan on holiday. Rob says: up to digits/slabhits/spacepoints by October 1st (with tests). This seems to agree with what Yordan said before at the CM.
Cerenkov: Gene is just moving to Chicago, has classes, and is new to software like this. He will be at RAL for a visit around IPAC. He does not expect to be able to analyze the Cerenkov for this years running. Step 4 should be possible, need to figure out how we do a quick turn around this year (Lucien?)
KL - No update since nobody present.
EMR - No update since nobody present.
Data unpacking - September for non-tracker, end of year for tracker is my guess (nobody present).
Global recon - October/November this year for online data quality demo. February for online data quality finished. Ideally be able to beat TOF versus EMR tracks against one another for EMR tests. Tunnell's plan is to start the Step 4 analysis (ie. global reconstruction) which is probably too late.

IPAC paper - will send draft today. Not ready but half written.

MAUS v0.1.0 - Biggest issue of missing TOF stuff. Geom stuff will be standalone by september. Jason Terrant will make geometry.

Visualiation - look at links from geant4 contact.

Chris Heidt - Code review for tracker stuff. Should use line numbers than commenting in the code (impossible to tell what is his comment and what is Edwards comment).

Tracker slides - Summer shows us how pattern recognition is done. Seems nice and provoked good analysis discussion.

From Colling: Dell is lending a 96 core machine (248 core). to Imperial? to David Colling. next gen AMD. 4x 12 cores. 2 mobos. replace with 16 core cpus. 6 disks per machine. 4 gig of memory per core. Wow.

Documentation - October workshop is my (Tunnell's) goal of having a tutorial ready and some basic and hopefully passable documentation.

For software workshop: Yagmur 10%-20%, Pierrick 30% , Pavel 2 full days and 2 half days, Peter Lane 2 days + 2 half days, Summer (2 full days, 2 half days), Anastaitia (4 half days). Expect Matt Littlefield, Rogers, Tunnell to fly in. Heidt? It's going to be at FNAL the week before the CM.

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