Wednesday 30th July 2014 at 15:00 RAL


  • Release status
    • Current release = 0.9.0
      • API changes propagated to inputers and mappers
      • Memory leak fix #1489
      • KL tuning and calibration
      • Geometry - diffuser irises, bug fix
      • SciFi - bug fixes, improvements, tests
      • Global PID - added Ckov, KL to framework
      • build system fixes
      • JsonCpp version change
    • Targets for next release:
      • EMR -- digitization, reconstruction
      • DAQ maps to DB #1375 (needs #994)
      • KL calibrations to DB
  • Detectors
    • Detector integration (Durga Rajaram)
    • Tracker (Adam Dobbs)
      • Space-point, track-finding efficiency studies partly blocked by lack of trigger #1182
      • ACTION: flag low pt for downstream reconstruction
      • ACTION: ADC smearing, Cosmic data -- need input from David Adey
    • TOF (Durga Rajaram)
      • calibration by-run getter having CDB issues #1519
        • done, push to trunk
    • EMR (Yordan Karadzhov/Francois Drielsma)
      • MC #1033
      • ACTION: Francois to push his code to lp
      • does the "extra events" from EMR affect MC trigger formation?
    • KL (Mariyan Bogomilov)
      • STANDING: MC validation, optimization, tuning, #1411
    • RealData (Yordan Karadzhov)
      • ACTION: replace default run shipped with MAUS from 02873 -> a more recent run
      • DAQ channel maps to DB (Rajaram) #1375, blocked by #994
    • Ckov (Drews/Winter/Rajaram)
      • Finalize geometry
      • ACTION: DR get Lucien's geometry into MAUS
        • does the MiceModules code need change? Material definitions?
    • Global Recon (Jan Greis/Celeste Pidcott)
    • Tracking (Greis)
    • PID (Pidcott)
    • Monte Carlo trigger (Ryan Bayes) #1182
      • ACTION: DR to look over fix build issues
      • restructure TOF digi?
  • Infrastructure
    • Geometry/MC (Stefania Ricciardi/Ryan Bayes)
      • Ckov geometry update (Cremaldi)
      • need positions of survey nests from detector groups
      • Speed improvements (Bayes)
        • see 21 July Geometry meeting
    • MC Beam
      • Standing: There is a request to have G4BL decks in the CDB. JN will handle the interface code
      • ACTION: MapPyBeamMaker gets appropriate currents for requested run -- get this code into the trunk
    • GRID and Batch Production (Chris Rogers/Janusz Martyniak)
      • #1489 grid processing on hold because of memory leak
      • Looks like CR's recent fix has fixed most of the leaks
        • some complaints from valgrind about OutputCpp
      • Memory usage ~2.5 GB attachment:run_04000_resource_usage.png attachment:run_05679_resource_usage.png
      • Try grid running again?
    • Code deployment (All)
    • Documentation
    • Data Structure
  • Online
  • AOB
  • Date of next meeting August 13 2014

International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers

  • Switzerland: 0800705351
  • UK: 08004960576
  • US: 1-866-740-1260
  • Other numbers
    Access Code: 5673390



Jan Greis
Chris Heidt
John Nugent
Celeste Pidcott


  • JN: optimization looks about as good as we can do, should have validation plots out soon



  • need to ping FD about getting the digitizer and reconstruction codes in


  • CH: progress with ADC smearing, MC noise algorithm will likely be revamped based on cosmics



  • CP to look into whether detector inputs (space points, errors) are reasonable and acceptable for global




Build system



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