CM43 Software Workshop

Date: Wednesday 28th October 2015
Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm
Venue: CR09, ATLAS building, RAL
Attendance: A. Dobbs, F. Drielsma, J. Greis, C. Hunt, P. Kyberd, A. Liu, S. Middleton, T. Mohayai, J. Nugent, C. Pidcott, D. Rajaram, M. Savic, C. Rogers, M. Uchida, A. Young

Rough Agenda

Morning Session (10:00am - 12:45pm)

10:00am Opening Discussion

10:45am MAUS Development (A. Dobbs)

11:30am Coffee

11:45am Step IV Discussion and Open Issues

12:45pm Lunch

Afternoon Session (1:45pm - 5:30pm)

1:45pm Event Viewer Discussion

3:00pm Coffee

3:15pm Problem Solving Q&A



  • CKOV no longer works with Stage4.dat legacy geometry - need to disable CKOV modules in top level maus python script when running a simulation with this geometry (other get the GEANT not ready error) #1781


  • Change to CDB causing faults with current release unit tests. F. Drielsma working on it


  • x, y, px, py flips observed in final scifi track output bu Global Tracking in both helical and straight tracks - interfering with current Global development efforts. May be partly due to old TOF geometry being used (J. Greis to check his work)
  • Similar issues seen when visualising track points with event viewer
  • pz recon is very poor #1782
  • C. Hunt aware of it all - working on it
  • J. Nugent seeing good result from millipede on tracker alignment, expect for stations 4 and 5 in downstream tracker which are very poor. This in contrast to C. Hunt's alignment work, which produces good results only. Cause as yet unknown.

Event Viewer

  • Lots of progress from M. Savic
  • Consider using alternative existing solutions, such as the CMS iSpy app, or HepRApp
  • Functional system implemented using existing event viewer and HepRApp
  • C. Rogers keen to get in MLCR as soon as possible
  • M. Savic now set up on Launchpad, event viewer repository at:


  • A. Liu noticed MC very very slow when pushing lots of particles through tracker - code needs profiling (A. Dobbs) #1785


  • Y. Karadzhov looking into source of memory leaks, so found if final scifi tracks not added to scifi event memory leaks disappear - but destructors look good (investigations continuing)

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