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h1. PC20012016 

 Wednesday 20 January 2016 at 15:00 GMT 
 Room CR09 RAL 


 h2. Summary of Actions 

 |_.Task |_.Person |_.Added |_.Issue Number |_.Comment | 
 |Fix Pattern Recognition bugs that cause loss in efficiency |A. Dobbs |06/01/16 |#1807 | | 
 |GRID MC running |D. Maletic, D. Rajaram |02/12/15 | |Needs a champion - D. Maletic? Local running under DR until then. | 
 |Fix tracker coordinate system flips |Tracker group |18/11/2015 |#1792 |Mostly done now - C. Hunt should have fixed by next meeting.| | 
 |Add data_analyzable flag for each detector in post processing to CDB | Detector software heads |16/09/2015 |#1585 | | 
 |Add tracker efficiency plots to MAUS |P. Kyberd |16/09/2015 |- | | 
 |Optimize residuals for final tracks |C. Hunt |- |- | Done for straights | 
 |Fix close to paraxial tracks producing nan output |C. Hunt |- |- |    | 
 |Update tracker online plots |M. Uchida |- |- |    | 
 |Detectors to provide uncertainties from reconstructions on: positions; momenta; tof time |A. Dobbs |- |- | | 
 |Implement dE/dx in Runge-Kutta |J. Greis |- |- |Branch to be |Almost ready for merging by next meeting| trunk| 
 |Verify scifi geometry correct in CDB | C. Heidt, P. Kyberd |30/09/2015 |- |Check by running with MAUS (use ID 671) | 
 |Generate G4BL library |R. Bayes |30/09/2015 |- | | 

 h2. Release status 

 * Current release = 1.4.0 

 * Targets for release 1.5.0: 
 ** Fix tracker MC flip issues 
 ** Optimised tracker helical pattern recognition  

 * Targets for future release: 
 ** Trigger MC 
 ** Tracker -- Kalman updates 

 h2. Schedule 

 * attachment:2016-01-20_MAUS-Schedule.ods -> attachment:2016-01-20_MAUS-Schedule_updated.ods 

 h2. Detectors 

 * Detector integration (D. Rajaram) 
 **    *ACTION*: Add data_analyzable flag for each detector in post processing to CDB (*Detector software heads*) #1585 
 * Tracker (P. Kyberd) 
 ** *ACTION* Fix Pattern Recognition bugs that cause loss in efficiency #1807 (*A. Dobbs*) 
 ** *ACTION* Fix tracker coordinate system flips 
 ** MC studies of effect of 1T field on tracker performance (P. Kyberd, Analysis Group) 
 ** Space-point, track-finding efficiency studies partly blocked by lack of trigger #1182 
 ** *ACTION*: Optimize residuals for final tracks (*C. Hunt*) 
 ** *ACTION*: Fix close to paraxial tracks producing nan output (*C. Hunt*) 
 ** *ACTION*: Update tracker online plots (*M. Uchida*) 
 ** Flag low pt for downstream tracker reconstruction? (*A. Dobbs*)  
 * TOF (D. Rajaram) 
 ** Restructure TOF MC Digitizer - part of trigger MC (*D. Rajaram*) 
 * EMR (F. Drielsma) 
 ** attachment:maus151216_fd.pdf 
 * KL (M. Bogomilov) 
 * CKOV (A. Liu, D. Rajaram) 
 ** Calibration 
 ** Validate CKOV MC against data 

 h2. Global Reconstruction 

 * Tracking (J. Greis) 
 * PID (C. Pidcott) 
 * Detector output 
 ** Get detector output in global coordinate system (*C. Heidt, C. Hunt*), see #1631 
 * *ACTION*: Detectors to provide uncertainties from reconstructions on: positions; momenta; tof time (*A. Dobbs*) 
 * *ACTION*: Implement dE/dx in Runge-Kutta (*J. Greis*) 

 h2. Monte Carlo 

 * Monte Carlo trigger (D. Rajaram) #1182 
 ** Restructure TOF Digitisation and incorporate MapCppTrigger (*D. Rajaram*) 

 h2. Geometry 

 * Handling field maps in MAUS 

 h2. Online Reconstruction 

 * Have prototype GUI and prototype ROOT-based document DB to replace maus-web-app and django #1312 (C. Rogers) 
 * Software On Call (A. Dobbs) 
 ** (SOC wiki) 

 h2. Batch Offline Reconstruction 

 * GRID running 1.0.0 
 ** Enable MC GRID running again #1739 
 ** to always produce tarball _Is this still relevant?_ 
 * Offline Rec running 1.3.0 

 h2. Infrastructure 

 * InputCppRoot still using JSON (and so super slow) (*D. Rajaram*) 
 * Fix geometry test which randomly produces large SOAP error (*R. Bayes*) 
 * Fix problems when setting header_and_footer_mode to "dont_append" (*C. Rogers*, *C. Pidcott*)  
 * Fix matplotlib install (*A. Dobbs*) 

 h2. Performance 

 * Speed improvements for MC 
 * Beam generation excessive resource usage 
 ** Query analysis group requirements (in particular how many G4BL beams we need) 
 ** Consider alternative upstream beam generation code 

 h2. Tools 

 h3. Event Viewer 

 * Add event viewer to MAUS #1799  	

 h2. Documentation 

 * Update tracker (C. Heidt) 
 * Update geometry (R. Bayes) 

 h2. AOB 

 h2. International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers 

 * Switzerland: 	 0800705351 
 * UK: 	 08004960576 
 * US: 	 1-866-740-1260 
 * "Other numbers": 
 * Access Code: 5673390 

 h2. Notes 

 h3. Attendance 

 R. Bayes, A. Dobbs, F. Drielsma, J. Greis, C. Hunt, J. Nugent, C. Pidcott, D. Rajaram, M. Savic 

 h3. Release Status 

 h3. Schedule 

 h3. Detectors 

 * KL 
 * Ckov 
 * EMR 
 * Tracker 
 * TOF 

 h3. Global Reconstruction 

 h3. Monte Carlo 

 h3. Geometry 

 h3. Online Reconstruction 

 h3. Batch Offline Reconstruction 

 h3. Infrastructure 

 h3. Performance 

 h3. Tools 

 h3. AOB 

 Next meeting: 15:00 GMT, 3rd Feb 16