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h1. PC040614 

 Wednesday 3rd June 7th May 2014 at 15:00 RAL 

 h2. Agenda 

 * Release status 
 ** Release in progress = 0.8.4 
 *** EMR geometry, sensitive detector 
 *** Physics model - polarized decay 
 *** Spin tracking 
 *** Geometry update 
 *** G4BL update 
 *** PID VarB - tof + tracker 
 *** String/Json/Cpp conversion API 
 *** Memory leak fix 
 ** Wish-list for next release: 
 *** EMR -- digitization,    reconstruction 
 *** Close Json/Cpp conversion #1376 (?) 
 *** Ckov geometry 
 ** Targets for future release 
 *** KL Digitization tune 
 *** DAQ maps to DB #1375 (needs #994) 

 ** Schedule(All): attachment:210514_Software_and_Computing.ods 

 ** Detectors 
 *** Detector integration (Durga Rajaram) 
 *** Tracker (Adam Dobbs) 
 **** Station-numbering bug #1437 - fixed (?) 
 **** Add station-z to data structure #1438  
 **** Nan bug #1454 - fixed in tracker devel(to be tested) -- close? 
 **** -Low pt tracking failures- 
 **** *ACTION*: flag low pt for downstream reconstruction 
 **** Space-point, track-finding efficiency studies partly blocked by lack of trigger #1182 
 **** *ACTION*: Ryan to have a face-to-face with Adam    and Heidt later in the month re geometry interface 
 *** TOF (Durga Rajaram) 
 **** TOF Calibration - integration with MAUS 
 *** EMR (Yordan Karadzhov/Francois Drielsma) 
 **** -Finalize geometry- 
 **** MC #1033 
 **** Track Reconstruction 
 **** *ACTION*: chase EMR group for code push, schedule update 
 ***** Francois to push his code to lp 
 *** KL (Mariyan Bogomilov) 
 **** Validation/optimization #1411 
 **** *ACTION*: JN to make comparison plots available to help with tuning and optimization 
 *** RealData (Yordan Karadzhov) 
 **** DAQ channel maps to DB (Rajaram) #1375, blocked by #994 
 *** Ckov (Drews/Winter/Rajaram) 
 **** Finalize geometry 
 ***** Cremaldi + student have shown me what they have, to push to lp  
 *** Global Recon (Jan Greis/Celeste Pidcott) 
 *** PID (Pidcott) 
 **** -PID-VarB, DR to merge- 
 *** Monte Carlo trigger (Ryan Bayes) #1182 
 **** -fix tests, review, run, validate - affects tracker studies- 
 **** RB reported an issue resizing recon_events in datastructure, after setting #trig events, DR to look 
 **** restructure TOF digi? 
 ** Infrastructure 
 *** Geometry/MC (Stefania Ricciardi/Ryan Bayes) 
 **** Ckov legacy cleanup (Cremaldi) 
 **** need positions of survey nests from detector groups 
 **** need input on diffuser thickness 
 **** Speed improvements (Bayes) 
 *** MC Beam 
 **** -G4Beamline documentation- 
 *** GRID and Batch Production (Chris Rogers/Janusz Martyniak) 
 **** -Memory leak: #1456- 
 *** Code deployment (All) 
 **** -Memory leaks in MAUS #1431- 
 *** Documentation 
 **** doxy doc has relative path issues -- should be fixed in upcoming release 
 *** Data Structure 
 **** Standardize conversion from string/json to cpp #1376 (Rogers) 
 ***** API done 
 ***** CR working on modifying mappers 
 ***** Input and Reducer as well? 
 ** Online 
 *** Online data quality (Chris Rogers) 
 **** Have prototype GUI and prototype ROOT-based document DB to replace maus-web-app and django #1312 
 *** Software On Call (Durga Rajaram) 
 **** June run 
 **** (SOC wiki) 
 * AOB 
 ** Step IV Readiness 
 ** *ACTION*: CR to make computing project spreadsheet available to link with rest of Step IV readiness schedule 
 * Date of next meeting June 4 2014 

 h2. International Toll-Free Dial-in numbers 

 * Switzerland: 	 0800705351 
 * UK: 	 08004960576 
 * US: 	 1-866-740-1260 
 * "Other numbers": 
 *Access Code: 5673390* 

 h2. Notes 

 h3. Attendance 

 Adam Dobbs 
 Chris Hunt 
 John Nugent 
 Stefania Ricciardi 
 Chris Rogers 
 Sophie Middleton 
 Chris Heidt 
 Email updates from: Ryan Bayes, Celeste Pidcott 

 h3. KL 

 h3. Ckov 

 *ACTION* DR get Lucien's geometry into MAUS 

 h3. EMR 

 Notes from CR,VB from the EMR paper discussion, the EMR group aims to have their 
 code pushed by the end of June. Schedule a review when code is ready to be looked at. 

 h3. Tracker 

 Calibration interface may move to, or need input from, David Adey 

 *ACTION*: Combine PR, Kalman integration test items into one in spreadsheet 
 *ACTION*: DR to look at integration tests, see if we need more 
 *ACTION*: AD circulate schedule to tracker group and get an update on Kalman 

 h3. TOF 

 h3. Global 

 CP working on pulling KL and Ckov into PID, requires modifying the datastructure 

 h3. MC 

 h4. G4BL 

 There is a request to have G4BL decks in the CDB 
 JN will handle the interface code, JN to see what's in the DB and decide if it needs a new table 

 h3. Build system 

 Some third party url's are going bad, and for fear of unmaintained servers, want to get MICE-owned third parties 
 into a common place 

 h3. Miscellaneous 

 Would like an SL6 box for testing, there are errors showing up on 64-bit SL6 that are masked on SL5.