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h1. Monte Carlo wish list 

 What we have currently: 

 * Well documented set up to pull in Monte Carlo configuration if it gets 
 provided by the engineers 
 * Well documented set up to configure whatever fields and geometry 
 people need 
 * Poorly documented module to generate multivariate gaussian beams with 
 a reasonably flexible parameter set 
 * Well documented module to track and write out Monte Carlo data 
 * Poorly documented and possibly buggy tracker digitisation 
 * Elementary but probably reasonable TOF digitisation - but no user 

 What I think we need to do an end-to-end Monte Carlo of Step IV: 

 # 1. Step IV MICE "As-designed" (e.g. legacy/FILES/.../Step4.dat) set up 
 needs to be checked and fixed - are the coil geometries correct? Can we 
 get a reasonable beam through? What are the design absorber settings? 
 Are they the same as what we have in Step4.dat 
 # 2. Functioning digitisation for the tracker 
 # 3. Trigger digitisation (what form should this take)? 
 # 4. KL, EMR, Ckov digitisation 
 # 5. Scalars digitisation 
 # 6. "As-built geometry" and CDB interface needs to be smoother 
 (operational issue to do with getting geometries into CDB) 

 What I think we need to improve the "user experience": 

 # 1. Quick start guide + examples: 
 ## 1a. Track a beam through and generate beta function/emittance plots 
 ## 1b. Track a beam through and generate reconstructed data ->    beta 
 function/emittance plot at the Tracker Reference Plane 
 ## 1c. Anything else? 
 # 2. Documentation MAUSUserGuide.pdf should be available to 
 download/htmlarised from the wiki 
 # 3. Documentation - some stuff is in doxygen only, it needs to be in the 
 user guide as well. 
 # 4. Optics calculation needs to be tidied 
 # 5. Python interface for extracting the field values