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Rogers, Chris, 16 July 2012 15:08

Monte Carlo wish list

What we have currently:

  • Well documented set up to pull in Monte Carlo configuration if it gets provided by the engineers
  • Well documented set up to configure whatever fields and geometry people need
  • Well documented module to generate multivariate gaussian beams with a reasonably flexible parameter set
  • Well documented module to track and write out Monte Carlo data
  • Poorly documented and possibly buggy tracker digitisation
  • Elementary but probably reasonable TOF digitisation - but no user documentation

What I think we need in order to perform an end-to-end Monte Carlo of Step IV:

  1. Step IV MICE "As-designed" (e.g. legacy/FILES/.../Step4.dat) set up needs to be checked and fixed - are the coil geometries correct? Can we get a reasonable beam through? What are the design absorber settings? Are they the same as what we have in Step4.dat - (owned by Pavel Snopok)
  2. Infrastructure - need to have central store of datacards, field maps, geometry, etc
  3. Functioning digitisation for the tracker
  4. Trigger digitisation (what form should this take)?
  5. KL, EMR, Ckov digitisation (owned by detector subgroup)
  6. Scalars digitisation
  7. "As-built geometry" and CDB interface needs to be smoother (operational issue to do with getting geometries into CDB)
  8. Model for input beam/g4beamline interface (some work done by Maria Leonova + students)
  9. Clean up, debug MICEDetectorConstruction

What I think we need to get a batch production system (owned by Janusz Martyniak at Imperial, needs oversight):

  1. Installation of MAUS on GRID + regular updates
  2. Batch production script
  3. Script to call the batch production, put it in data store
  4. Numbering system for real data, MC of real data, MC of "hypothetical runs"
  5. ... probably some stuff I forgot...

What I think we need to improve the "user experience":

  1. Quick start guide + examples (with some automated testing)
    1. Track a beam through and generate beta function/emittance plots
    2. Track a beam through and generate reconstructed data -> residuals/emittance plot at the Tracker Reference Plane
    3. Anything else?
  2. Documentation maus_user_guide.pdf should be available to download/htmlarised from the wiki
  3. MICEModules.pdf needs updating and integrating with maus_user_guide.pdf
  4. Optics calculation needs to be tidied
  5. Python interface for extracting the field values
  6. Automatic build of OpenGL visualisation
  7. Output of built physical components in verbose mode

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