MICE Software Mailing Lists


There are three mailing lists for MICE software

There are also the general MICE mailing lists


You can join the mice-software mailing list for the MICE software group here
You can join the mice-software visiting
You can join the maus-dev mailing lists by email to or visiting

Seeing history

If you go to the following website, you can view the history of the software mailing list:

but it requires a password. If you forgot the password you used to subscribe to the mailing list, please visit:

then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page about recovering your password.

You will need to set up an account on the jiscmail website to view archives for g4mice-users and g4mice-devs.

MAUS users

There used to be a mailing list

For user level discussion. That was designed to replicate e.g. ROOT talk or equivalent. The crossover between developer and user community is such that this mailing list was unnecessary so it has been disabled.

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