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h1. MAUS User Documentation 

 h2. Applications 

 There are several applications in the MAUS schema: 

 * _Simulation_ Simulation tracks particles through a given geometry. 

 the MAUS  

 h2. Configuration manipulation 

 MAUS uses a set of user-modifiable files to control the application configuration. Variables such as input geometry, field arrangement and detector parameters can all be modified by the user. 

 * Documentation on geometry file generation is available in "pdf": or "html": format. 
 * Documentation on global run controls is available in "html": format. 
 * [[Materials-2-4-1|List of valid materials]] 

 h2. Changing application modules 

 MAUS uses a modular structure in its applications. Uses can alter the modules which a particular application runs or define their own application. Modules are of several types. 

 * _Maps_ are executed once per spill and manipulate the spill data in some way (for example, try to do pattern recognition on tracker digits). 
 * _Reduces_ are executed once per run and manipulate all the spills in some way (for example, make a histogram of the tracker light yield). 
 * _Runners_ control how Maps and Reduces are executed, for example controlling multithreading or doing some optimisation.