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Third-party pnline monitoring examples


Renders one of a set of images which are updated regularly. If JavaScript is enabled then the image will auto-refresh in the browser. JavaScript drop-down menu allows selection of which image to render.

LHCb public page with typical particle physics plots.


"ATLAS tile calorimeter data quality assessment with commissioning data", 2008

ATLAS Tile Calorimeter measures energy deposits of hadrons and jets.
Trigger and Data AcQuisition system - TDAQ
ATLAS offline reconstruction software - Athena.
Online DQ tools - detector verification tests and online monitoring tools. Feedback within minutes.
  • Spies on data flow and monitors before data enters event builders and after full event has been built.
  • Online histogram presenter - OHP - browse available histograms.
    Offline DQ tools - analysis, bulk reconstruction and monitoring, automatic histogram checking. Feedback within hours.
  • Athena TileMonitoring - produce detailed and summary histograms.
  • Data Quality Monitoring Framework (DQMF)
  • Apply algorithms to histograms to get DQ result (good, bad, investigate)
  • Web interface for shifters (WIS) - access DQMF results and plots images.
  • Graphic representation of detector.

"TileCal web system for DQ analysis", slides, 2009

Web interface for shifters (WIS) - run information, name, type, date, setup.
TileComm analysis - charts/histograms, status at module level, view PNG or PS plots.
DQM viewer - data quality monitoring results, and run parameters.
Monitoring and calibration web system (MCWS) - view module/channel (good/bad) information, generate plots and reports.

"ATLAS data quality offline monitoring", slides, 2009

Near real-time monitoring of reconstructed offline data.
han - histogram analyzer
  • Takes configuration + ROOT file with histograms and runs automatic checks.
  • Axes ranges, linear/log scales specifies in han configuration.
  • Outputs ROOT file with checked histograms, status and results, configuration.
handi - han display
  • Renders han output files as HTML pages - histogram, status, algorithm results.
ATLAS conditions database
  • Python, C++ or web browsing
XML-RPC web service
  • han output files e.g. status, results, histogram PNG, histogram via ROOT's XML serialization.

"First year experience with the ATLAS online monitoring framework", slides, 2009
DQP Display - graphical representation of sub-systems and components.
DQM Configurator - configuration editing.
OHP - histogram presentations in tabbed sets.

"ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Data Preparation for LHC first beam data taking and commissioning data", poster, 2009
Images of OHP, DQMF handi, example plots.

"The ATLAS Data Quality Defect Database System", paper, 2011

Links to Detector control System, MCWS and old WIS and TileComm analysis.
Uses jQuery JavaScript library.

Fermilab MINOS experiment.

Renders a single image which is updated regularly. If JavaScript is enabled then the image will auto-refresh in the browser.


A mix of EPICS and data quality.

NCD information page

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