Jenkins Notes

The Jenkins Nodes

Machine Description Architecture OS
brunel_mice_host High spec machine 64bit SL6.4
heplnm070 The old master 64bit SL5.4
heplnm071 Online mimic 64bit SL5.7
heplnv157 The new master, virtual machine 64bit SL6.8

Trouble shooting

To restart Jenkins

  • Drain all the jobs
  • Log into to the master and run sudo /etc/init.d/jenkins restart

Fixing slave node connection failures

  • From the Jenkins web interface go to Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes and select the node in question
  • Select Log from the options on the right and review
  • An error of "Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" can fixed by:
    • Log in to the master
    • As sudo edit /var/lib/jenkins/ (where foo indicates the node name) and edit the following line:
REMOTE_CMD="exec java -Xmx1024m -jar ./MAUStests/slave.jar" 


REMOTE_CMD="exec java -Xmx2048m -jar ./MAUStests/slave.jar" 

which increase the allocated heap space for the java Jenkins slave app.

  • Restart Jenkins

Test Failures Due to Jenkins Faults

Date Branch Machine Problem Cause Solution
26-06-2015 adobbs_release_candidate brunel_test_box GEANT4 build failed Source download error None, just rerun build
12-05-2015 MAUS_Online heplnm071 DAQ add-ons build failed: build/ undefined reference to `__isoc99_sscanf' Online not compatible with SL5
08-05-2015 release-candidate brunel_test_box Jenkins failing to find Path needed as well as filename Use ./
06-05-2015 release-candidate heplnm070 "Checks that no other program is grabbing the MAUS help function" fails Authentication issues leading to X window failure, causing test to fail
02-05-2015 MAUS_integration_tests brunel_test_box Broken network pipe Re-run job
23-04-2015 MAUS_integration_tests heplnm070 Failed to open X window Broken network pipe Re-run job
22-04-2015 MAUS_per_commit_third_party_heplnv157 heplnv157 File access failure Authentication issues Paolo fixed underlying authentication problems

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