Installing Bazaar

Bazaar is the name of the repository program used by MAUS and is frequently just called bzr since that's the command that's run to use it. The installation of bzr depends on your system. Please find your system below then follow those instructions, but if these instructions do not work or you do not find your system, then please visit the bazaar installation page for more information about your particular system.

Notes on Scientific Linux 4.8

Bazaar uses a python installation system, which in the case of Scientific Linux 4.8 (SL48) creates trouble because SL48 ships with a hideously out of date version of python that was released in early 2004. You must then update your version of python to 2.4 or above. You can either 1) install a newer version and zlib or 2) continue on using the MAUS installation instructions with a packaged release since that will install python and bzr for you.

After you have a suitable version of python, which can be checked by typing:

python -V

then follow the instruction on the bazaar installation page

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