Install Mac OS X

NOTE: These instructions have been tested only on Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) on 32-bit CPUs. Builds have been reported to fail on OS X Lion and 64-bit Snow Leopard (see #695). Such systems should be considered unsupported.

Currently MAUS is not building Python as a "framework" on OS X. This makes it impossible for Python to load shared libraries when it imports external modules. The trunk now contains modifications to do this properly, and therefore these changes will be available in the next release.


Install the Mac OS X Developer tools if you don't have them (see

Install Mac Ports (see if you don't have it.

Now that you have Mac Ports you can install some command-line tools that we need...

sudo port install bzr
sudo port install wget
sudo port install md5sha1sum
sudo port install findutils
sudo port install Xft2
sudo ln -s /opt/local/bin/gxargs /opt/local/bin/xargs


The OS X compatible source has not been released yet, but it is available in the trunk. Checkout a copy using bzr:

bzr co lp:maus


Change to the checked out source directory

cd maus

and follow the normal build instructions at, skipping the section Getting the Code.


Check your path

echo $PATH

Should contain:


before anything else. You want to make sure that the versions of applications you installed earlier get picked up before the Mac defaults.

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