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h1. Git-maus 

 Besides Launchpad and bazaar MAUS has beta level support for git and"github": At the moment code updates for the trunk cannot be accepted from github however, only via Launchpad and bazaar. 

 h2. Obtaining MAUS 

 See [[Install#Git-and-GitHub-beta-support| Obtaining MAUS via Git]] 

 h2. Development 

 h3. Set up a development branch 

 * Set up an account on "github": and "add an ssh key": to your account 
 * Clone the MAUS repository as described at [[Install#Git-and-GitHub-beta-support| Obtaining MAUS via Git]] above 
 * Fork the MAUS repository on github 
 ** Go to MAUS github page and login into github 
 ** Click "Fork" in the top right of the screen, selecting the option to fork to your own account 
 * Add your fork as a new remote in your local MAUS git repository 
 ** Copy the address of your new fork from github (something like, where jbloggs is your github username) 
 ** Return to the terminal and navigate to the MAUS git repository created earlier 
 ** Add your new forked repository using: 
 git remote add my-fork 
 where jbloggs is your github username. 
 * Fork the merge branch locally: 
 git checkout merge 
 git checkout -b my-feature-branch 
 * Push your local fork of the merge branch to your remote repository: 
 git push my-fork my-feature-branch 
 * Do some coding 
 * When ready add the files you have modified or created ready for committing: 
 git add <files> 
 * Commit your changes: 
 git commit -m 'Some informative message about the changes' 
 * Push the changes to your remote repository: 
 git push my-fork my-feature-branch 

 h3. Propose your branch for merging 

 * Run Jenkins test server job on your development branch (email the head of MAUS for help with setting up a test branch) 
 * When Jenkins has passed, return to your repository page on github and select @my-feature-branch@ from the drop-down menu on the left 
 * Click the "Pull request" button to propose merging into the trunk 
 * Make sure your branch is comfortable for merging - if not, edit some more until it is, commit and push, then try again